Gift for 2012 India Misssion Trip

Gift toward Summer-2012 India Mission trip

Price  $ 100.00
Gift for Slum Literacy Ministry
Gift for Slum Literacy Ministry in India
Price  $ 50.00
Gift for Gypsy Children Home & Tutoring
Gift for Gypsy Children After School Tutoring, Home, and Care in India.
Price  $ 150.00
Gift for Leper Patients Hygine Essentials
Gift for Leper Patients Essential Hygine Supplies, Food Suppliments, and Clothing in India.
Price  $ 50.00
Gift for Mission School
Gift for Very Low Income Children's Missions Elementry and Middle School Operations, Scholarships, and Teaching Supplies.
Price  $ 75.00
Gift for Native Pastors Leadership Training
Gift for the Leadership Training and Retreat for Native Pastors, Church leaders, and Native Missionaries.
Price  $ 75.00
Gift for Hindu and Muslim Diaspora Evangelism
Gift for Hindu and Muslim Diaspora Evangelism in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area.
Price  $ 50.00
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