Gift for Native Pastors Leadership Training

Over the last 70+ years Dr. Augustine N. Peters planted 30+ churches in various parts of Indian city outskirts and villages, and also ordained several hundred native pastors and church leaders to take the gospel to the Hindu's, Muslims, other non-christians, and unreached peoples of India and other countries. For over 50+ years, we have held at least two pastors and church leaders training and retreat to encourage them, give them tools and material to go further in their evangelical, missions, and church ministries. Today they are boldly doing ministries in the last mile of the unreached peoples of India and neighboring countries.  Thank you for your kindness in giving, so we can to continue and improve the yearly pastors training and retreats with practical and essential methods, encouragement,  and supplies, in their ministry where you and I would never be able to go to live, work, or win the lost and disciple new Christians in the teachings of JESUS. 
PriceĀ  $ 75.00
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