Dr. Augustine N. Peters Ministry is a charitable ministry that was founded in 1935 by Bishop Dr. Augustine N. Peters (see Heritage below).  This charitable ministry has continued in the vision of providing Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Leper Colony / Medical Services & Support, Children’s & Women's Services & Support, Mission School, Prayer Gatherings, Singles & Marriage Enrichment, Street & Music Ministry, Sunday School Ministry, Tracts, Gospel, & Bible Translation & Distribution, Preaching, Teaching & Seminars, Church Leadership Training, Evangelistic Ministries, and Church Planting. We are doing this work in areas where people find it difficult to obtain/benefit from it, because of their geographic location, segregation, lack of key resources, economics, or some other severe condition. Bishop Dr. Augustine N. Peters, is remembered by thousands globally as the most humble, loving, and charitable Asian Indian pioneer Christian missionary, who led over 1 million people to LORD JESUS' saving knowledge; ordained several thousand pastors; planted 33 churches; and through whom several hundred ministries were established globally. Dr. Augustine's only son and daughter-in-law, Samuel and Sarah Peters are continuing this ministry with a few dedicated team members in and outside the USA.

Pastor Samuel Peters worked with his father's ministry in several interior parts of India. Samuel served in the US Military and did his engineering degree in Missouri. For 20+ years he has been working in the Instrumentation and Systems Engineering profession, while also actively involved in ministry in the USA, India, and he has been a missionary to Guatemala, India, and West Africa. He was a Pastor for five years in Missouri, USA; a full-time missionary in India for two years; a songwriter; musician; Bible Scholar, Christian Counselor; supports several churches with his talents; and active in a some Outreach Services/Ministries in and outside the USA. His main vision is Street Evangelism and taking the Gospel to the unreached people groups globally, especially in India and Africa. Please pray for this ministry. 

Sarah Peters grew up in a GOD fearing home where the family financially supported many evangelists and gospel workers.  Sarah's parents and grand mother arrranged Gospel and evangelsitic meetings in their homes and their relative's homes. Sarah studied teaching, genetics, and business administration and worked in schools and various commercial and government agencies managing human resources, training professionals, and managing administration and technical projects in India, the Middle-East, and the US.  Because she worked in India and the middle-east for many years, she became very familiar with the Arabic, Islamic, Hindu, and Indian people, culture, and language. Sarah is a valuable asset to this ministry because of her hospitality, people, languages, and organizational skills.  

Pastor Paul Thangaraj and 33 humble indigenous pastors and church leaders key gospel team members who engage in ANP Ministry in the Middle-East, Sub-continent of India, and North America.  Pastor Paul was a leper in the same hospital when Dr. Augustine Peters ministered there, which we are continuing for 50+ years.  After GOD healed Pastor Paul of his leprosy, Dr. Augustine mentored and ordained him as a Pastor, and since then he does several ministries in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.  Our team of 8+ couples now minister to several un-reached people, Christians, and pastors in the cities, towns, and villages of the Middle-East, Sub-Continent of India, & North America. Our goal/passion with the help of others like you, is to lead at least 2-million people to CHRIST and to disciple at least 500,000 before CHRIST returns.

To know more about our work/ministry OR how you can engage in this ministry to lead people to LORD JESUS CHRIST, or to get involved in a ministry/outreach in USA, Middle-East, India, Guyana, or Africa,
call: (703) 861-9893
write: Dr. Augustine N Peters Ministries, Post Box 11244, Manassas, VA 20113, USA