Dr. Augustine N. Peters Ministry

Is a Christ centered and evangelical ministry, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland region of USA areas, and also in providing essential Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Training, and Medical help, to people outside the USA to who are Unable to Afford or Obtain it, due to their geographic location, segregation, lack of key resources, or their adverse economic condition.

This ministry is possible by the encouragement, sacrificial involvement, and contribution of a few concerned people like you and me, for the development of the body, spirit, and mind of many needy people near and far.
Our Mission/Vision are to execute the Great Commission: Go, Be Witnesses, Make Disciples of All Nations; Baptizing and Teaching all (affluent & down-trodden, every tongue, tribe, kindred, nation, color) to observe the teachings of LORD JESUS CHRISTS. Matthew 28:18-20 and John 4:38

Our Key Areas of Ministry/Service:

• Leper & Gypsy Community (India)
• Children’s & Women’s Services (USA, India, Middle-East)
• Prison Ministry (USA)
• Mission School (K-10, India)
• Singles & Marriage Enrichment (USA, India, Middle-East, Nepal)
• Street & Music Ministry/Evangelism (many international locations)
• One-on-one Discipleship Ministry (Middle-East, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Western Africa, Canada, Guyana, USA)
• Tracts, Gospel, Bibles Distribution (many international locations)
• Preaching, Teaching, & Church Planting (Middle-East, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Western Africa, Canada, Guyana, USA)
• Church Leadership/Growth Training (Middle-East, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Western Africa, Canada, USA)


A Message by Dr. Samuel Peters in Asia, July 2010

More than 98% of all contribution and gifts we receive, are used for the needy and for their physical, medical, spiritual needs, and to plant churches in unreached and unengaged people groups and unreached communities in the heart of the 10x40 Window and other remote locations.